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Hustle Buckle Cartoon Character to remind Children to Buckle their Seat Belt. Available on Stickers, Backpacks, Pillows, Shower Curtains and more.

- Art by Shan Shankaran

Vacation Photos for Home Decorating and Souvenirs. Available on Shower Curtains, Floor Mats, Pillows, Mugs, Clocks, T-Shirts and more.

- Photography by Karen Barron

Promote Healthy Eating with Food Group Cartoon Characters in serving size portions. On Journals, Notebooks, Pillows, Throw Blankets, T-Shirts and more.

- Various Artists and Creators

ANU Cartoon Character on FLOOR PILLOW
Anime and Manga Cartoon Characters. Shadows of The Ecliptic Comic Book series features a cast of characters written and illustrated by a group of creators.

- Various Artists and Writers

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